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Travel by plane

Travel by plane

Good Friday Students!

I’m excited to announce some changes and improvements in our workshop system! Next week (4-10.03.2019) we are starting a new schedule of categories. We’re going to have 5 new categories: Cultures and Travelling, Psychology and Social Issues, Business and Work, Everyday Life and Leisure and finally Science and Technology. What is more, you’re going to get two types of weekly resources: extra vocabulary and a small talk dialogue on paper and links to useful sites, video and podcasts available here, on the blog. I hope these materials will broaden your knowledge and extend your contact with English! Good luck and I’ll see you in the workshops!



Topics connected with: travel by plane, accommodations, getting directions, English-speaking countries, public transport, sightseeing


What instructions can you hear on the plane? Make sure you will understand the flight attendant next time and learn more words from these resourceful websites.

1. Article – inflight instructions.

Read a text about inflight passenger announcements.


2. Youtube video – safety instructions.

Watch ads of the “Delta” flight company that will give you basic safety instructions when on board of the plane. Some are funny, some serious. The advantage of watching all videos is that yuo’re going to listen to different accents and people saying the same things. Enjoy the ride!


What does it actually look like to be a Delta flight attendant? I don’t know, but you can find out watching this video 😀

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