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“Habit Tracker” – a tool for monitoring your learning and progress.

“Habit Tracker” – a tool for monitoring your learning and progress.

Good morning my diligent Students!

I have created a fantastic tool for you called “a habit tracker”. This tool will help you track and analyze your work and progress in learning English.
As you all know, learning a language is a long journey and without your own engagement, you will not go far. Hence, the habit tracker to lead you and help you stay realistic.
In the template you can find a set of activties to follow in the given month. There is speaking, writing, watching films, and listening. All skills that ease the progress.

How to use it?

The habit tracker contains 31 days that constitute a month. Fill the first letters of the days at the top. At the end of each day, mark every activity you did. You can also add the amount of time spent on them. At the end of the month you will see how much work you put in and what progress you can expect. Let’s stay realistic. If you don’t have much contact with English, you will not be able to advance.

You can download the habit tracker HERE

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