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Sport, injuries and risk

Sport, injuries and risk

Good morning Students!

Next week we’re going to talk about painful everyday life accidents like getting a bruise, tripping or stubbing your toe. What is more, we’re going to discuss your sport prepferences or whether you’re a risk taker or a chicken. Get some inspiration before the next class and some new vocabulary to shine in the next workshop.

See you in the workshops!



Topics connected with: sport, risk, adrenaline, adventures, explorers, everyday accidents


Choose what you like. Enjoy!

1. BBC Article – What sport were you b orn to do? Quiz.

Do you know what sport you were born to do? Heh? I found out I was born to play badminton… and I love this idea! Hahahah 😀 Check yourself  in this simple BBC quiz and learn a lot of new words from it. Let me know what your top sport is.


2. Article – Sport injuries.

So now, if you decide you’re going to start doing the kind of sport you were born to do (as the bbc test told you), better watch out for the injuries! Check out the list of the popular sport injuries and their names in English. Might be helpful if you happen to sprain your ankle while jogging in New York 😉


3. Youtube video – Risk taking.

Risk and luck don’t seem to go hand in hand but… In this TED talk the lady in the pink jacket will try to persuade you that actually the little risks might be safe and useful in the long run. Well, let me know if you’re persuaded. 😀

4. Youtube video – What does it take to be an adventurer?

Let’s now fly high and forget about our daily life and mundane tasks. Find out what it takes to be an adventurer. In this 3-minute video produced by National Geographic you will meet a real adventurer who turned his passion into a money producing machine.

5. Article – Common accidents.

And finally, for the most determined students (who reached until here), TOP 10 most common accidents at home and how to treat them – in the English way. 😀


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