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Food and local cuisine from England and L.A.

Food and local cuisine from England and L.A.


The upcoming week we are talking about the pleasure of life which is food. Make sure to revise words necessary to express your preferences and let me know which dish you’d like to try from the food tours.

See you in the workshops!



Topics connected with: local food, customs, restaurant, tipping, culture shock, festivals


A foodie is a food lover, someone who is very interested in cooking and eating different kinds of food. Are you a foodie? Maybe you can recmmend a nice place to eat out in Warsaw? Check out the articles and videos that will enrich your vocabulary and will make your mouth water.


Why don’t you begin with a revision of the most popular words connected to food and eating. It might a good start to learn them and later read articles and understand them better. Read the article here: https://www.thoughtco.com/words-used-to-describe-food-4018894


Soul food is a type of food that was traditionally eaten by black people in the southern US. Now we call soul food any type of that is simple yet hearty (large making you feel full) and delicious. Every ethnic group has what it calls “soul food” – soothing, comfort food that brings back warm memories of family dinners, however, today, the term “soul food” simply means African-American cuisine. Read more here: http://www.bbc.com/travel/columns/soul-food

Talking about comfort food (food that makes you feel good) I recommend reading an article about “Georgia’s addictive cousin to pizza” . Below some words you can learn to read the article faster and understand more. Have you ever tried this type of dish? Let me know in the comments.

Some useful vocabulary include:

gooey – soft and sticky

cheese/meat-stuffed – cheese or meat is inside the food e.g. dumplings can be blackberries stuffed

dough or to knead dough – e.g. prepare a piece of “cake” for a pizza with your own hands

a dairy-and-carb bomb – it’s a dish which contains a lot of milk products and is high in calories

delicious – yummy, tasty

comfort food – food you eat to feel better

flour – white powder we use to bake bread or cakes

yeast – a living organism we use in making beer and wine, or to make bread rise

curdy cheese / cottage cheese – white cheese

melted / molten cheese – cheese that is heated to a point when it becomes liquid

an apron – a piece of clothing you wear when cooking

an oven – a device to bake dishes e.g. cakes, pizza or bread

crack a raw egg – open a fresh egg

a plus-sized dollop of butter – a huge spoon of butter

crunchy bread – firm and crisp and making a sharp sound when you bite or crush it


Fancy restaurants with plant-based dishes are all you can expect here. I wish we had such great quick bite places like they have in L.A. It all look just mouth-watering! The names of ingredients might be much easier to understand for vegans or vegetarians, like seitan, falafel, hummus, tempeh. The last but not least are the types of pastas mentioned. Make sure you know their pronunciation 😉 Like Tagliatelle (taljiateli) or gnocchi (njoki).

Extra for the meat lovers.

But, if you’re not on a restricted diet, then I guess East End London food tour might be more appealing. There will be some local food restaurants with beer, cheese, bagels, fish and chips and more.

Some useful vocabulary include:

bacon butty – bacon sandwich

custard – a sweet yellow sauce made from milk, sugar, eggs and flour, usually served hot with cooked fruit, puddings, etc.

sweet tooth things – things for people who like sweet food, we say that someone has a sweet tooth

fluffy – soft

Jack the Ripper – Kuba Rozpruwacz

chippy – fish and chips shop

cod fish – dorsz 🙂

mashed peas – crushed green peas, like mashed potatoes

flaky – tend to break into small, thin pieces

cider – apple based wine

biscuit crumbs – small pieces of cookies

rich – full of different flavours

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