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The rich and the poor

The rich and the poor


This time let’s talk about money, power and fame. Let’s discuss a bit more serious and current issues that have impact on our lives. See you in the workshops!



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There are so many documentaries and videos on the wealth and poverty distribution, on the secret societies that unite the wealthiest and the most powerful people, starting with the Rothschild family, that have influence on countries’ politics, economy, war and peace around the world. Today I have chosen some food for thought to spark a heated conversation.

1. The global wealth inequality in 3 minutes.

In this video you’re going to find out what you subconsciously knew or maybe you never knew. I also recommend the updated data included in the article where the autor cites the calculations of Oxfam – ” In 2017, they calculated that inequality had become so bad that the richest 8 people had more wealth than the poorest half of the human population, or 3.6 billion.” Even though, after checking the result I see that the “elite” includes mainly owners of corporations such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckenberg or Jeff Bezos. But the list doesn’t include the richest families in the world who have even more wealth then they have… If the majority of wealth is in hands of the smallest group then we know who really rules the world. For sure not the presidents.

2. What does Hollywood really look like?

A hollywood actor Terry Crews was sexually assulted in the Hollywood and now speaks out about it in the court. You’re not going to hear about it in the news.

3. How the news distort our worldview – TED talk

The goal of the news is not to keep us updated on what is objectively going on in the world but to shape our opinions and worldview. Check out this speech from 2008 that still remains valid. Funny but true.

4. The problem of fame

Is fame a problem? What stands behind the need of fame? All and more on the topic in the video from the School of Life.

5. How to spot fake news?

The Internet is a well of knowledge but also a source of lies, half-lies and propaganda. Check these 8 steps to be able to spot fake information more effectively. My favourite bulletproof step is checking the author and the source of money invested in a business, blog or foundation. Someone told me: “Follow the money” – it always works. You can be flabbergasted sometimes with the results of your investigation.  Read the inforgraphics here: www.lib.sfu.ca/help/research-assistance/fake-news

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