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Ageing – fight it or accept it?

Ageing – fight it or accept it?


The long weekend is over and it’s time to come back to the real work. 🙂 What I have for you for this week is a broad scope of topics related to our health, growing old and animals rights.



Topics connected with: ageing, beauty and cosmetics, animal rights, experiments on animals and humans, health technologies


Ageing is the process of growing old. You may see it in connection with an individual process of growing old and gaining wrinkles here and there, but aslo with an ageing population crisis. The current problem of the developed countries where, in simple words, there are more old people than new ones being born. In the following articles and videos you can look at this issue from a different angle, if you’re still young. Let me know what you think about ageing.

1. Women and ageing – a picture essay about 7 female life stories.

A collection of different points of view on culture, changes, getting old and being young. All women that speak up in this essay are Australians. Hence, it is even more interesting to see how different, if at all, are their thoughts on these issues.


2. Old and beautiful – how to deal with getting old.

3. Consequences of ageing societies for Europe.

What are the implications of ageing societies? Check out in this articles: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2015/10/what-are-the-economic-implications-of-ageing-populations/

4. Young people show us what old looks like for them.

We can definitely agree that everyone gets old but when I look at the current photos of Tom Cruise or Keanu Reeves, sometimes I doubt it. Maybe it’s all about the rich and the poor inequality? Or maybe it’s genes? What do you think?



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