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Dwelling – a place to live.

Dwelling – a place to live.


we’re starting Monday! Yey! This week we’re talking about places to live, moving abroad, neighbours and other really interesting things. Check them all out to learn new words and practise reading and listening skills. As before, I urge you to practise writing in the comment section below!



Topics connected with: towns and cities, moving houses, neighbours, dwellings, renovations, moving overseas


A dwelling is formal word for a place where a person lives.

1. How to rent your first apartment? – Art of manliness

First, we must look at the difference between a flat and an apartment. The difference is simple. The first is a British word, the latter – American. Living with parents is convenient and rather cheap, but there must come a day when a not-so-young-anymore offspring will want/need to move out. Then, this guide might be pretty helpful – How to rent your first apartment. But hold on. Before you start, you must know there are big differences bewteen our Polish style of renting and the English. You can learn them all here. So you can kill two birds with one stone – learn new words, discover cultural differences and be shocked. 😀

2. How to move in and out – an Australian vlog

This video is a great listening practice of the Australian accent + some extra tips. Just in case you’ll move out somewhere in the future. 😉

3. Sustainable city by Fullychargedshow.

This one is a mind boggling piece of video. Watch the video to observe the creative solutions for a sustainable town in a midddle of nowhere (Dubai). This is amazing to see how, thanks to technology, humans can adapt a hostile terrain. Well, look for yourself. Would you like to live in this town? Let me know in the comments.

4. Who are your neighbours?

This one is not really an article but it’s a compilation of the most useful expressions to talk about your neighbours. Might be handy this week. Read: Who are your neighbours?

5. 11 easiest countries to emigrate.

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