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Business trips

Business trips


this week we’re talking about everything related to travelling and business. Make sure to check out the last new part of our self-study article which is “JOT IT DOWN” i.e. write it down. A writing section for those who are really engaged in learning and want to exceed others in their quick progress. 😉



Topics connected with: making arrangements, showing guests around, business trips, conferences, socializing, working abroad


Travelling for work includes making arrangments, making small talk, taking part in different events like conferences or fairs. If you are the host that invited guess, you will probably need to show them around and take care of them while their at your office. Check the following materials to refresh your memory on the topic of business trips and learn new expressions to use them in the workshops.

1. The future of business travel – article

In this article you will learn a lot of business-related vocabulary. The idea of business trips is here analysed from two perspectives – the employee’s and the organization’s. First, read it quickly, check the vocabulary below and read more thoroughly again to answer the following five questions.

The Future of Business Travel is About Putting People (Not Policy) First

Useful words: demand for more choice (noun; the needs, expectations of customers), convenience (noun; useful, easy or suitable), revenue (income), foster collaboration (verb; to encourage working together in a team), retain great people (verb; keep), threaten to undermine hard-won gains (pose danger to lower the results which were difficult to achieve)), conduct meetings in person (run meetings by yourself), at the expense (at the cost), the “short end” of the stick (expression means to get the worse part of the deal), disrupted sleep schedules (disorganized), combined with (joined with), can be aggravated (worsen, intensified), absenteeism (not being present at work), skyrocketing costs(growing rapidly), make the hassles (make something annoying or difficult), reinforce (make stronger), ROI (return on investment), heavy business travel (longer than 14 nights away), a perk (a work-related benefit), compliance (conforming, agreeing), rampant costs (uncontrolled), focal point (point of focus)

Don’t forget to install “Grammarly” app/add-on to the browser. By double clicking, it will show you the meanings of the words.

Answer the following questions in the comment section. Don’t forget to use new words:

  1. What are the benifts of business travel for the organization?
  2. What are the threats resulted from the business trips?
  3. What do business travelers really want from their company travel policies? 
  4. What is the company’s perspective?
  5. What are the three solutions suggested in the article? Write in own words.

2. Small talk for introverts.

3. The awkward ritual of showing guests around your new home 😉

Warning, this video contains adult humour and strong language.

4. And a bit more serious… Welcoming and showing guests around your company.


Join us in the English practise and write two paragraphs (about 200 words) about one chosen topic. Follow a three-part structure – introduction, main body, summary. Post your answer here or bring your text to the workshops. It will be a great form of a revision of words for other students and for you a booster in learning. Trust me. 🙂

business trips
business trips

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