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Greatest Scientific Discoveries and Inventions of 2019

Greatest Scientific Discoveries and Inventions of 2019


the upcoming week we are going to devote to the greatest scientific discoveries and inventions of 2019 and the last few years. As always, make sure to read and watch the extra materials to revise vocabulary and be stunned with the lastest breakthroughs.



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1. The lightest solid in the world.

2. 15 inventions that will make your future a lot more interesting

From solar charged jackets, 3-D printed houses to Pavlov-inspired band that will help you break bad habits. The future looks exciting and unsettling at the same time. Let me know which invention you woud like to see in your home.


3. 5G – a danger to humanity or a leap to the future?

Do we really need it? Who needs it most and why? What is the impact of it on the human’s health? Watch these two media coverages on the 5G technology and draw your own conclusions. If we have some telecommunication specialists here, please take the floor and help us understand what is going on.

4. 5 technological trends to watch in 2019

Read about the newest technological trends and inventions. The article covers artificial intelligence, quantum computing, VR, the Internet of Things and the blockchain technology. All of these things will probably sooner or later enter our daily life so it is worth being ahead of the times to come.



If you really want to learn English you must join us in the English writing practice. Write two paragraphs (about 200 words) about one chosen topic. Follow a three-part structure – an introduction, the main body and a summary. Post your answer here or bring your text to the workshops. It will be a great form of a revision of words for other students and for you a booster in learning. Trust me. 🙂

Greatest Scientific Discoveries and Inventions of 2019
Greatest Scientific Discoveries and Inventions of 2019

2 thoughts on “Greatest Scientific Discoveries and Inventions of 2019

  1. Modern technology makes easier most of parts of our private and business life. On the face of it, there are only great advantages of appearing a new technology. But is it really safe for us? Are there any drawbacks of modern tech devices we use?
    Technological progress is invaluable in medicine and important in travel or construction industry. New technology simplifies the process of getting information, ease communication, causes learning and teaching more efficient, just makes our life more convenient. New technology plays a huge role on entertainment field for young, adults and children.
    How much time do we spend in front of our computers, smart phones and tech gadgets? Actually we are surrounded by them. How easy we can get addicted to gadgets or Internet. Prevalent presence of modern technology is liable to bring about undesired results as well. It triggers off a risk of various misuses.
    Smart phones are equipped with microphones, cameras, light sensors, finger print readers or even facial recognition system. Backups of photos, recordings, contacts and various data from an application we install on our phones are stored by companies. Applications sometimes ask about access to data or phones functions they don’t really need. The all storage information can be used to profile the ads we receive.
    If a manufacturer collects Information about us, some polish services or institutions can easily get access to it. How much we should care about it?
    Our smartphones, tablets, social networks, applications, games, portable gadgets, all this staff lets others gadder information about us. For sure nowadays we should cautiously use modern technological benefaction and care about safety site of using it. On the other hand we can’t stop developing it because it has a great positive impact on our life.

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