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Leaders, managers, perfect bosses

Leaders, managers, perfect bosses




Topics connected with: leaders, managers, perfect bosses, motivation in the workplace, managing a team


⭐ a leader vs. a follower

A leader is someone who leads people. We can talk about leadership skills when we think about personality traits adn other soft and hard skills. Once I led a group of school kids when I was a primary school teacher.

A follower is someone who follows a leader. If you’re a natural follower, that isn’t a bad thing. Just like a worker bee who reports to the queen, you are responsible for getting things done out in the field. Leaders can’t be successful if they don’t have people under them, doing the hard work.

⭐⭐ a manager

❗ Pronunciation tip: in the word “to manage” /ˈmænɪdʒ/, the stress goes on the first syllable, open your mouth and say: “MAnage”, “MAnagement”, “MAnager”. Make sure to practise these words as they are often mispronounced.

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✍️ Share your experience with being a leader.

1. “Are you a natural-born leader?” Quiz

Test yourself and learn new words from this quiz. Quiz: https://365tests.com/personality-tests/natural-leader-or-follower/

✍️ What result did you get? Are you a natural-born leader or a follower?

2. How to be a great boss?

Even if you are not a leader in your company you can still learn a lot from this article because it teaches universal attitude towards people. Article: https://thethrivingsmallbusiness.com/how-to-be-a-great-boss/

✍️ Which skill do you think is the hardest to master? Which do you think you would have to improve if you were a leader? Which skills does your boss demonstrate in the workplace?

3. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, on his management style

✍️ Would you like to work for Amazon and have such a CEO? Why? Why not?

4. Brian Tracy about 5 leadership styles

Brian Tracy is an extremely well-known speaker in the field of business, soft skills, management, self-development. Make sure to check his video to learn when to use what type of leadership in your job.

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