My boss is breathing down my neck. – Szef siedzi mi na karku #102


Dzisiejszy odcinek jest odcinkiem eksperymentalnym, z większą ilością angielskiego. Ćwiczymy idiom „breath down smn’s neck” oraz przypominamy sobie idiom „back to square one”. Daj mi znać w komentarzu co myślisz o nowej formie.

👉 Posłuchaj odcinka #3 So, we’re back to square one.


TALSKHOP – Angielski w biznesie Odcinek 102 „My boss is breathing down my neck.”


Alice is breathing down my neck.

Workaholics (2011) – S03E19 In Line


Hi there, it’s Karolina from ASAP Speak&Play


Well, first things first, I just wanted to mention that I’ve decided to use more English in our podcast to make the learning experience more attractive and effective. I’ll try to keep it simple and clear, so that you can benefit from it more.


Moving on to today’s topic, we’ll be discussing an idiom that’s often used in the context of working under pressure. 


So picture this: You’re working on a project with a really tight deadline, and your boss is constantly monitoring your progress. I mean, it’s non-stop – he’s always checking in with you, asking for updates, making suggestions… and you can feel his presence behind you, almost as if he is breathing down your neck.


This is a perfect example of the idiom „breathe down someone’s neck”, which is commonly used to describe a situation where someone is being closely observed or monitored. And let me tell you, in a workplace context, it can be incredibly stressful. Employees may feel like they’re being watched all the time, unable to make any mistakes without facing criticism.


In fact, the phrase „my boss is breathing down my neck” can be translated into Polish as „mój szef siedzi mi na karku”, „mój szef stoi nade mną”


It’s worth noting that this phrase is usually used in the continuous form – „he is breathing down my neck”, „they are breathing down my neck” – it’s because the situation is happening right now, in the present moment.


OK now, let’s practise.

Breathing down my neck. Listen and repeat

You will hear 7 examples. Listen and repeat.


Valerie siedzi mi na karku.

Valerie’s breathing down my neck.

Adaptation. (2002)


Policja siedzi mi na karku.

The police are breathing down my neck.

Transylvania 6-5000


Nie potrzebuję, żeby stał nade mną

I don’t need him breathing down my neck.

UnREAL – Guerilla [S02E03]


Alice siedzi mi na karku.

Alice is breathing down my neck.

Workaholics (2011) –  In Line [S03E19]


Frost siedzi mi na karku w tej sprawie.

I’ve got Frost breathing down my neck about this thing.

Agent Carter – A Little Song and Dance [S02E09]


Słuchaj, mam pracowników i inwestorów na karku.

Look, I’ve got employees and investors breathing down my neck.

Inventing Anna (2022) –  Two Birds, One Throne [S01E03]


Porucznik siedzi mi na karku i wracam do punktu wyjścia.

Lieutenant’s breathing down my neck, and I’m back to square one.

iZombie – Pilot [S01E01]


Listen and repeat

I’m back to square one

Sprawdź swoją pamięć

Good job. By the way, did you get the last idiom „I’m back to square one”? Well, We’ve already learned it a long time ago. If you want to practise, check out episode number 3


Alright. Let’s sum up. Translate the following.


Mój szef siedzi mi na karku.

My boss is breathing down my neck.


Inwestorzy siedzą nam na karku.

Investors are breathing down my neck.


Nie potrzebuję, żebyś stał nade mną

I don’t need you breathing down my neck.


Well done! Daj mi znać co sądzisz o dzisiejszym odcinku z większą ilością angielskiego napisz w komentarzu na youtubie albo napisz do mnie maila na [email protected]

Anyway, thanks for joining. 

Till the next time, cheers!


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