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TALSKHOP – Angielski w biznesie Odcinek 118: A tipping point – Punkt krytyczny

History has come to a crucial tipping point.

The Dragon Prince – Through the Ice [S01E06]


Hi there, it’s Karolina from ASAP Speak&Play

Have you ever built a tower of cards? Czy kiedykolwiek budowałeś wieżę z kart do gry? 

Imagine you have a big tower of cards. You keep adding more cards on top, and the tower gets taller. But at some point, if you add just one more card, the whole tower suddenly collapses. That moment when things go from being okay to falling apart is like a „tipping point” – punkt krytyczny. It’s when many small changes make a really big difference and, at the end of the day, change everything.

It’s the moment when a trend becomes a phenomenon – to moment kiedy trend staje się fenomenem. It becomes viral and you can’t stop it.

It’s like when you learn 15 minutes a day, then at the end of the year you will reach a tipping point and make a a big step in knowing English.

tipping point

Let me give you 3 examples from business.


  • After years of slow growth, the bakery hit a tipping point with its unique muffins, attracting customers from all over the city.
  • The recent rise in orders might be a sign that we’ve reached a tipping point in the market.
  • The e-commerce platform’s tipping point came when it achieved a critical mass of sellers and buyers.


If I say:


„Michael is at a tipping point.”


It means that he has done many small things and his situation can now change dramatically. For example:


Michael is learning English every day but he doesn’t feel much progress. Well, now he has two choices: give up or continue. And what he doesn’t know is that he’s reaching a tipping point. If he continues, in just a moment he will experience a sense of breakthrough – przełom.

OK, I think you’re ready now to practise the phrases with the actors.

You’re gonna hear 8 examples.

A tipping point – Punkt krytyczny | Listen and Repeat


To punkt krytyczny Michaela.

It’s Michael’s tipping point.

The Offer – It’s Who We Are [S01E09]


Ludzie, jesteśmy w punkcie krytycznym.

We are at the tipping point, people.

The Simpsons Movie


To jest punkt krytyczny, zmiana pokoleniowa

There’s a tipping point, a generational change,

Harry & Meghan: The Complete Story – Episode #1.5 [S01E05]


Sprawy są w punkcie krytycznym, Harold.

Things are at a tipping point, Harold.

The Blacklist (2013) – Lord Baltimore [S02E01] 


Świat jest w punkcie krytycznym, Clark.

The world is at a tipping point, Clark.

God’s Favorite Idiot (2022) – S01E04 God, Satan and All the Good Smells


Społeczeństwo znajduje się w punkcie krytycznym między porządkiem a chaosem.

Society’s at a tipping point between order and chaos.

Captain America The Winter Soldier (2014)


Historia osiągnęła kluczowy punkt krytyczny. – Więc mówisz, że sprawy mogą potoczyć się w obie strony?

History has come to a crucial tipping point. – So you’re saying, things could go either way?

The Dragon Prince – Through the Ice [S01E06]


Repeat after me

History has come to a crucial tipping point. 

So you’re saying, things could go either way?


Łazienki klientów osiągnęły punkt krytyczny, więc przestaliśmy je czyścić

The customer bathrooms hit sort of a tipping point, so we stopped cleaning them

Superstore (2015) –  Cloud Green [S04E18]


Repeat after me

The customer bathrooms hit sort of a tipping point 

so we stopped cleaning them


Well done! Let’s practise. Translate the following.


Osiągnęliśmy punkt krytyczny.

We have hit a tipping point.

We have reached a tipping point.

We have come to a tipping point.


Ten trend zbliża się do punktu krytycznego.

This trend is coming to a tipping point.


Wzrost sprzedaży jest znakiem punktu krytycznego.

An increase in sales is a sign of a tipping point.


Co doprowadza do punktu krytycznego w mediach społecznościowych?

What leads to a tipping point in social media?


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See you there! Cheers!


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